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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> good afternoon. i am lisa robinson. i play fights for his life this noon after a near drowning -- a boy fights for his life this noon after a near drowning at sandy point state park. the boy, believed to be five or six years old, was pulled from the water and taken to anne arundel medical center with serious life-threatening injuries. we will have the latest tonight 5:00 and 6:00. tonight is supposed to be the big finale, giving all baltimore's visitors a big show. kim dacey gives us a preview of the show at inner harbor. >> these fun-loving folks from the midwest are in town for a family reunion, just in time for the inner harbor's fourth of july fireworks show.
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>> we will show them that we have the best fireworks and the world. >> crews to work on sunday to get the artistic explosives in place. about 1400 shells will shoot into the air tonight. >> we have jellyfish shells, we have half-moons. >> the show, weather permitting, will start at 9:30. some may opt for a homegrown fireworks. officials want you to be careful. 8400 people nationwide were rushed to hospital last year with injuries from fireworks. this weekend in washington state, a man went a bit too far. a 58-year-old is in serious condition after all made fireworks exploded on his face and body authorities say he was trying to make a super fire work. he could face charges. this crew will let the professionals do the work at they can enjoy the true meaning of the fourth.
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>> freedom, that's what it means. family, friends, having a good time. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for a list of all the fourth of july and seven maryland, including fireworks and live entertainment, go to our website, there is a link on the home page. >> hello, and happy fourth of july. we're definitely seeing a steamy weather outdoors. temperatures in the mid-80's, i humidity as well. i wish i could guarantee a completely dry day, but we do have a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. as you look at hd doppler, there are a couple light showers in the western part of the the state. more activity across kentucky and much of the ohio valley. that is going to be a concerned. there is a threat for thunderstorms later on, especially in the western and
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southern tier of the state. baltimore stays mostly dry, but still, isolated chance of storm. temperatures will be steamy in time for the fireworks. >> thanks. we will check back with you in a bit. some areas of the country will not get fireworks because of extreme heat and dry weather. >> the fireworks industry expects to make a billion dollars this holiday, despite the drought that canceled many celebrations. in parts of central texas, they are banned or restricted. >> 75% of it this season. we will make up for it next season. >> with the location we have, the green grass, it is secured. we should have minimal zero issues. >> sales are booming in south carolina, with people across state lines -- people crossing state lines to buy what is not
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legal at home. >> bar-b-que, regular old- fashioned fun. >> thousands gathered to remember. >> i think about our country and what we are going through at the present time, and how we all have to chip in. look forgone to america ♪ >> near the u.s. capitol, preparations are under way for an all-star concert that will honor america's when the warriors. and the freedom they fought for. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> soldiers in afghanistan celebrated the fourth of july with a special flag raising ceremony. they listened to speeches and sang patriotic songs. two weeks ago, president barack obama announced plans for an initial withdrawal of 10,000 troops from afghanistan by the
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end of the year, with another 32,000 by the end of 2012. as of late may, 1610 americans have been killed in the war in afghanistan spit and attempted robbery in dundalk leads to a stabbing that sent one man to the hospital. the victim was stabbed at rolling road around 10:00 last night. the man was taken to johns hopkins and his condition was unknown this noon. no word on a suspect or possible motive. baltimore city police are looking for the person who was -- who shot a man in east baltimore a man was walking at the 1600 block of around 9:30 sunday morning when he was shot in the head. the victim was taken the hospital, where he is in stable condition. as the gunmen who shot a man several times in northeast baltimore is still at large, investigators believe that the 27-year-old victim was shot at the border block of ill tested
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avenue around 11:45 saturday night. anyone with information is asked to call the baltimore city police department. the number is right there on your screen. no word on what started a fire that killed one person and injured an elderly woman in anne arundel county saturday afternoon. she was no rush to the burn unit with life-threatening injuries after -- she was rushed to the burn unit with life-threatening injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. officials have not released the name of the person who died in the fire. coming up, a new study finds that diet soda could have ever first effect on your diet. -- a reverse affect on your diet. if you are not heading out for the fireworks show, the perfect event for you. and hotel guests expected to hear gunfire, the shooting that killed an officer.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the jury will begin deliberations today in the casey anthony murder trial. the prosecution began its rebuttal to the defense's closing arguments. the prosecutor told the jury that the defense explain that the 2-year-old drowned in the swimming pool was part of the defense's "fantasy." he also said that george anthony did not control his daughter so much that she would cover up the death. prosecutors charged that she
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suffocated her daughter with duct tape in june 2008. memphis police say they have a person in custody after an officer was shot and killed. the officer responded to a shooting at a hotel downtown. what is this say that the man got off the elevator, a shot and killed another man, and then killed the eight-year veteran. the dog days of summer are here, but simple changes could bring you a quick relief. how to check your ac. and the best way to treat unwanted sunburns in "medical alert." >> a couple of showers are popping up on hd doppler, even when south of baltimore city. forecast is coming up. b.w.i., 84, t beale, 83. [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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alert,"day's "consumer we are in the throes another hot summer, and you may run into a problem when you turn up the heat. your airconditioner may need a tuneup. >> let's begin with what happens when you don't follow the advice about maintaining your air conditioner. >> that turns into something that will cost you several hundred dollars to have someone come out potentially on saturday night when it is 100 degrees out. >> she preaches efficiency in air-conditioning because it represents about 40% of the power bill during summer. if you things you can do without a technician include keeping a landscaping and a difference -- at a distance. >> you cannot get enough air flow around the unit to operate efficiently.
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>> inside the house, make sure the thermostat is far from anything that can keep it up, like the light bulb in a lamp. >> otherwise it will cause your unit to work a lot more than it needs to to keep the thermostat itself cool, which is not our end goal here. >> using sands all types hels raise the thermostat biasps much as five degrees. -- helps to raise the thermostat by as much as five degrees. >> if you develop our relationship with the company, the odds that you have trouble in the middle of the heat spell, they are likely to prioritize u.s. customers. prioritize you as a customer. >> some investors are turning into an unlikely source for a return, they're checking account. 57 institutions now offer high- yield rewarded checking
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accounts. it compares to some money market accounts that are reporting -- returning 0.2% for a 10-year treasury note. fireworks displays will go on all of the country today -- tonight, but the one that bills itself as the nation's biggest will happen in new york city to the macy's fourth of july fireworks show will attract 3 million people and millions more at home on nbc tonight. >> for 35 years, fireworks and macy's have been synonymous on the for the july. >> when i do the show, it is not just but fireworks in the sky, it is putting fireworks in the sky that almost make you cry. >> the hudson river will become an essential for the production, which just kept technicians busy for more than a week. >> six barges, two miles long, almost 1000 feet in the air, 17
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colors, many shapes. >> the host for the telecast, nick lachey, says that this event has significance. >> 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty, 10th anniversary of 9/11, paying tribute to those who lost their lives on that day. >> the statue of liberty will provide the backdrop for musical performances from beyonce -- >> ♪ god bless the usa >> meanwhile, country star brad paisley will perform in front of the empire state building. >> we are celebrating one common thing, the fact that we get to live in the greatest country anyone has ever design. >> for millions of watching the fireworks display at a prison or on tv -- >> in never disappoints, it is always spectacular.
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>> it is a call for a conclusion to a long holiday weekend. -- colorful conclusion to a long holiday weekend broug. >> those fireworks look amazing, and this is my first month in baltimore, so i am excited for the fireworks and a baltimore, if i can stay up that late. you may have to keep in mind that right now we of fat clouds across the area. -- we have had a few clouds across the area. even into baltimore city itself, western panhandle of maryland. showers are showing up. the more substantial stuff has yet to come. this is the cold front, the same one weapon talking about. it got stalled out just a little bit. that puts the mason-dixon line, pushing towards us the rest of the day and into tonight. we are keeping the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. that is happening across the
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ohio valley. heavy thunderstorms right now across kentucky, back across indiana, southern ohio. a wave of low pressure along the front. in this area of low pressure could spark more showers and storms across maryland. i don't think it is a widespread concern, but isolated thunderstorms are in the forecast. i want to stress, being that it is the fourth of july, a lot of outdoor activities including fireworks, there is the possibility. to get through the afternoon, most likely, any showers and storms will pop up across the western tier of the state. as we get later into the night, fireworks happen and there could be heavier thunderstorms across the eastern shore. some of this could fire up your baltimore, south of baltimore as well. mostly drive into the night. tuesday's mostly dry despite maybe if you clips showing up at the southern tier of the state
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. that is the forecast for today and coat definitely a lot of clouds in. and those are going to increase as we get into the evening hours. we are keeping a chance of thunderstorms especially into the afternoon. greatest chance down south of the city, especially as we get towards the eastern shore. we already feel the humidity out there and we are expecting temperatures to climb into the upper 80s and low 90s. not far from that right now. b.w.i. at 84 degrees. that will keep temperatures steam even in time for the fireworks. 70 degrees around the time of the fireworks. possibility of isolated thunderstorms. a few people could see at the dampening of the fourth of july festivities. for the most part, dry weather. that is the case across ocean city. they get 2 around 71 for the low birkhead tuesday looks mostly dry, --or the low.
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tuesday lives mostly dry. later in the week, better bets for showers and storms. 89 degrees into the afternoon. 90 degrees and wednesday. thursday could be more stormy. high-temperature getting all wet 87. -- all the way up to 87. alert," ay's "medical study shows that computer- generated medical prescriptions contain as many errors as though -- as those written by hand. when researchers analyzed almost 4000 electronic prescriptions from a commercial pharmacy chain, they found that one in 10 contained at least one ever. 1/3 of those at the potential to harm patients. errors ranged from incorrect abbreviation to how long the medicine should be taken. sunburns are the norm during
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long, hot summer days. we spoke with the dermatologist who has tips for finding relief from the pain. >> she knows the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. >> burning is awful. i hate sunburn. it hurts. >> her fair skin is susceptible to burns. >> i always did burned three or four times the whole entire summer. >> dermatologist's see patients like for all too often during the summer. >> it can realistically double your risk, so take them seriously. >> there are lots of myths about how you should take care of sunburn, but the doctor wants you to know the facts. starting with how to cool off. >> take a washcloth and run it under ice cold water. >> use half-mile, half-water. there is the tried and true method. >> take a clear gel and put it
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in the refrigerator and you can put that on three or four or five times a day. it feels great, it is soothing. >> the doctor also suggests aspirin or ibuprofen to calm the painted the best thing to do is to avoid burns all together. >> sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. >> drinking diet soda may not help your diet. researchers followed a group of nearly 500 adults for 10 years. they found that diet soda drinkers as a group experienced 7% greater gains and a waist circumference than those who do not drink the soda. up next, the maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> tonight at 5:00, holiday tragedy. a young boy rescued from the water at sandy point state park has died. a supplement that is helping people with gastrointestinal problems. and more on tonight's fourth of july celebrations when you join us tonight for 11 news at 5:00. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> pick 3 numbers for the midday on america's birthday. happy birthday, america. in a moment, pick four, but first, the keynote sprinkler is on it now through august 7. double or triple winnings. visit your favorite retailer and get some keno in today. your pick four numbers --
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the maryland lottery -- at the fourth of july. -- happy fourth of july. >> would be a happy weather fourth of july? >> there are showers in the western tour of the state. slight risk for a thunderstorm into the evening hours. even near dc as well. top editors are going to be steamy as well. >> all right, thanks, and take you for joining us for 11 news at noon. -- thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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